Data Points

Are kids' content consumption patterns evolving thanks to the pandemic lockdowns? This session will focus on the kids' data study showing how they have changed during the lockdown; how their habits have evolved; how kids channels are doing and trends.

Panel Discussion: Charting the success story - Kids Channels

Over the past 18 months kids have been homebound. This has led to a rise in the viewership of kids entertainment channels. According to BARC, the sector grew by 9 per cent from 60.3 bn viewing minutes in 2019 to 65.9 bn viewing minutes in 2020. Many channels simultaneously released many original IP shows and movies.

This session will take us through the success story of each channel and the way ahead.

Panel Discussion: Milking the kids fervour

It's no secret that kids are the most loyal customers. All you need to do is grab their attention and deliver quality products. Brands have been lapping on to this success mantra which can be visible on their spendings. The kids sector has seen the highest growth rate (35 per cent) in terms of Ad Volumes. We will hear from the leading players about how they integrate their brand and leave a mark of themselves on these maestros.

Panel Discussion: Animation Beyond Kids

Unlike the popular belief in India that animated videos are for kids, we find animated content being produced for adults in the form of music videos, CSR activities, advertisements, shorts, movies and more. Has there been an increase in demand for animated content beyond kids?