Brand Stories

Brands defining certain aspects of the story is not new, however, as the country witnesses substantial impetus in the field of original IP creation in the kids' content ecosystem, brands are only growing in terms of integration, collaborations and reach. We take a dekko at the current scenario on how brands are directly or indirectly influencing the kids content ecosystem.

Brand Integration

As the popularity of the shows and characters go up, so are the brand initiatives around them. With more integration in place, the monetisation around IPs is looking bright. Does this mean we will see a spike in content creation and monetisation powered by brands?


As more and more avenues open up for the creators, the race is getting both easier and harder for aspirants. While there are more options for creators to pitch their projects, the number of content creators have also increased and thus the urge to be the best in the race is getting intense by the day and only the most appealing will survive and thrive.

Licensing & Merchandising

Licensing and Merchandising are a major business aspect for animation industry all over the globe. As Indian IPs pour into the system, the L&M business also shows prospects of growth. Can the industry here match its global counterparts?

Character Branding

Animated characters have been consistently placed as the face of brands. As the industry penetrates further into the subcontinent, it is imperative for brands to reach out to its kids' consumers driven by the popularity of the fresh homegrown characters.
How will they fare now?


Digital is rapidly changing the way content is created, distributed and consumed. The OTT boom has hit India with a bang! VOD services are on the rise and surely bringing more opportunities for the creators. With so much of content available on the digital realm and many yet to come, how will the animation space be affected?


The broadcasters are going all in while creating animated IPs. While the foreign animated programming still holds a place, the original IPs are gaining pace with kids all over the country and both studios and broadcasters are taking the front seat in this ride. We take a look inside the world of kids TV programing and what lies ahead.

Media & Marketing

Marketing lies at the core of every programming. As the scope of content consumption increases, the creators are finding new and innovative ways to showcase their projects. How is the phenomenon going to evolve and what are the best practices?

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