Building a complete monetisation ecosystem

The broadcast universe is evolving. While TV channels continue to hold ground, the most consumed content is on digital platforms, where independent studios have set up their tents strongly. What is the way forward for kids channels?

Boarding the brand bus

Compared to the other genres, the kids' category is still considered under-indexed when it comes to revenue or investments. But with an increase in the kids' viewership, brands are now setting their foot in this category and are exploring various innovative ways to make the most of this sector. Also, with the stars of social media becoming important influencers for the consumption decisions of the young audiences, how are the marketing strategies of the brands evolving?

Building kid friendly animation metaverses

The focus of this panel discussion is to know what the metaverse is, how the creative studios and various platforms are getting involved, how to bring sensitivity when it comes to creating this universe for kids and more.

New Voices from Indian animation (studios & individuals)

The next generation of studios which are going to drive India further. Their methods, their craft, their view of the world and their participation in building India into an animation superpower.

Indian voices from overseas

Indians who have made a dent and risen to great heights in studios overseas. Their journeys.

Breaking barriers (bringing ethnicity, diversity & inclusivity to light)