Tehzeeb Khurana Founder Toon Club
Interesting weekend at the KAM Summit and Ann Awards 2021 organised by Animation Xpress. Over a span of 3 action packed days, the Summit had several insightful discussions & debates. All this opens our minds and helps us to see things from a different perspective. We have so much to learn and gain from such interactions. And the highlight this year was the 'Educationist Perspective on Animation'. Probably a first for India. We've rarely discussed the significance of animation education in schools and how it's beneficial to kids, on a public forum. So double thanks for that to the team and Anil Wanvari.
Sonam Shekhawat Vice President Creative and Development Nucleus Media Rights
"I think the event did a very good job of bringing the industry leaders together at a very crucial point. Right now the linear and non-linear platforms are competing with each other and the animation industry is stuck in a transitional phase where it can venture into various genres and markets. The scope has increased and the vision needs to get bigger as well. The KAM summit totally acted as a catalyst to propel the growth of the industry in a positive direction and bring everyone on the same page. I am looking forward to seeing the results in the coming days."
P. Jayakumar CEO Toonz Media Group
"It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the ANX KAM Summit and ANN Awards 2021. The event was well organized with engaging discussions around topics of utmost relevance for the industry today. The panel discussions, in particular, were truly insightful and I felt that there were many take-aways from them. I am grateful to the ANX team for inviting me to be part of two panel discussions at the Summit. Thank you also for recognizing our work and bestowing Toonz with three awards at ANN Awards 2021. This is truly a matter of great pride and honour to us. Thank you once again and all the best."
Green Gold Animation
"We are proud to have been associated with the KAM Summit 2021. It was a great experience to be in the midst of the industry thought leaders and to be able to contribute to the exchange. In the context of the last year and the current year, initiatives such as this summit help us realise the effort and resilience of all the stakeholders. As the Indian animation footprint continues to scale heights, we hope this initiative grows stronger in the years to come as well."
Devdatta Potnis
SVP Revenue and Corporate Strategy
"It was great connecting with all the panelists from across the Indian animation spectrum, and AnimationXpress did well in translating the experience of the KAM summit onto the virtual space effectively. Well-put show!"
Biren Ghose Country Head Technicolor India
"It was amazing to be able to explore the realms of storytelling that deal with sophistication through the artistic development of the "Creative Eye". I was glad to be able to bring some amazing creatives to share how young artists can explore and enhance their creative chops. Congrats Animation Xpress on hosting and presenting this spellbinding session. Signing up for KAM Summit 2022. Count me in!! Cheers."
Camille Selvon Abrahams Programme Lead for Animation University of Trinidad and Tobago
"At the KAM Summit it was great to discuss the academic perspective on animation. This is often ignored in our industry. The team at Animation Xpress did a fantastic job by bringing so many varying points-of-views, from all over the world. From the session I felt more at ease as we all expressed similar challenges but left feeling animation is here to stay! Thank you guys. Job well done."
Kireet Khurana Director Climb Media
"Animation Xpress has been the pioneer and torchbearer in bringing Industry news to the community and enthusiasts. It was great to participate, share and learn from the speakers their perspective on the industry and the future. Kudos to Anil Wanvari and the Animation Xpress team. Keep doing the great work!"
Joan Vogelesang Consultant Joan Vogelesang Consultants
"Congratulations on a great event. It was my honour to be included. I have received positive feedback from far and wide."